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Git Press +

Git Press + is a light weight tool to create the web site of your github project on easist way.

You can build your own site just follow three steps:

Step ONE

If you don't have a (or README.markdown) file on your project, create one.

Step TWO

Create a configure file named gitpress.json on your project.

touch gitpress.json & echo '{}' > gitpress.json
git add gitpress.json
git commit -a -m 'add gitpress configure' & git push origin master


visit your site with http://<repo>.<user>

When you push your files to your project, the new updates will effected in 2 or 3 minutes.

The gitpress.json file


    "docs"      : ["posts"],
    "template"    : "default",
    "domain_alias" :  ["your.domain"],    
    "perpage"   : 10,
    "order"  : "number",
    "types"     : {
        "\\.(md||markdown)$"   : "markdown", 
        "\\.(js||css||json)$"  : "code",
        "\\.html?$"            : "html",
        ".*"                   : "text"        
    "title"  : "Akira's Blog",
    "description" : "My Blog Description...",
    "comment"  : {"type":"disqus", "short_name":"gitpress"},
    "friends"  : [
          "name"  : "github",
          "title"  : "github",
          "url"  : ""          
          "name"  : "gitpress",
          "title"  : "gitpress",
          "url"  : ""


docs property set up a list of files or directories that you can place your documents on.

The default value of this property is ["", "README.markdown", "README"]


You can set the docs property in json format:

"docs": {"category1": "path1", "category2": "path2", /*...*/}


template property set the layout of the website, now the valid values of this property are "default", "slate", "phase", "pithiness" or "tactile".

Want to use this property to change your website layout? See: Setting Website's Layout

domain alias

The default domain of your gitpress site is You can use your own domain as well. See: Custom Domains


perpage property set the maximum count of the documents place on your websit index perpage. The default value is 10.


order property defines the rule of your documents sorted. The default value is ~text means it will be ordered by name as string desc. The other values is text number and ~number.


types property defineds the file type of the documents detected by file name. If you don't want some kind of files place on website, you can set the types of this file a type of null.


title property is the main title of your gitpress site. Default value is equal to your repository title.


description property is the description of your gitpress site. Default value is equal to your repository description.


You can add comments in your blog or docs. Now it supports disqus and duoshuo.


friends property place the friend links on the sidebar of your site.

Setting Website's Layout

The html template build by ejs.

You can fork this project, and submit your own template on www/static/<new template directory>.

When the new template is submitted, create a new pull request to us, we will publish the new template as soon as possible.

Once new template has been published, you can set the template property of the gitpress.json to the new template directory.

Custom Domains

  1. Adding an CNAME record of your specific domain to
  2. Edit gitpress.json add your domain to domain_alias.
  3. Visit your gitpress throught old domain once, then try the new domain(It may take 2 or 3 minutes to effect).